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Looking for a Male Counsellor in Redlands or Capalaba? Redlands Counselling Service Provides Sensitive and Helpful Counselling for Men

The common stereotype is that men have a more difficult time opening up, being vulnerable or just asking for help than women do. Like any stereotype, these generalisations are reductive. However, at Redlands Counselling Service, we often find that our male clients are more reserved or more reluctant to talk openly than our female patients. For this reason, we often work to highlight our focus on counselling for men.


Our Focus on Counselling for Men


Especially for one on one counselling sessions, many men find it easier to talk with a male counsellor. Talking with a counsellor who is a man can set a male client at ease. Suddenly, the counselling session just feels like a space where two blokes are having a chat. This less formal, less clinical environment appeals greatly to male clients who were at first reluctant to seek therapy or counselling at all. It can help yield breakthroughs and pave the way towards progress.


If you have been looking for a male counsellor—either for yourself, for your husband or partner or another important man in your life—Redlands Counselling Service can help. Our counsellor, Matt Vincent, has been practising as a professional counsellor for more than a decade. Matt focuses on areas such as relationship counselling, marriage counselling, grief and loss, mental health, depression and anxiety, family issues and trauma. His patients come from all walks of life and include both men and women. However, one of Matt’s greatest skills as a counsellor is his ability to make reluctant male clients feel comfortable and welcome.


The message that Matt tries to convey with his counselling for men in Redlands and Capalaba is ‘you are not alone.’ Too often, men believe they need to be ‘strong and silent,’ handling emotional issues on their own. Matt’s counselling sessions help men realise that this ‘go it alone’ tactic is not necessary. By giving male patients a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place to discuss their difficulties or concerns, he can make progress where other counsellors might struggle.


Schedule Your First Appointment Today


If you have been thinking about seeking counselling for men in Capalaba or Redlands, pick up the phone and call our office at Redlands Counselling Service today. No matter what you want to talk about—be it a past trauma, current troubles in your relationship, struggles with anxiety or grief over a recent loss—Matt is ready to listen. If you need a supportive listener, Matt can play that role. If you need tools or strategies you can use to achieve positive change in your life; you will find that our counselling sessions offer that as well. Just know that, no matter what you are going through, you will find the help and compassion you have been seeking at our practice.

To schedule your first appointment at Redlands Counselling Service, contact us today.

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