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Forget the Excuses: Schedule Marriage Counselling in Redlands or Capalaba Today

There can be so many excuses not to start going to marriage counselling. ‘I don’t have enough time.’ ‘We can solve our issues ourselves.’ ‘Let’s just wait a month or two and see what happens.’ ‘We can’t afford it.’ At Redlands Counselling Service, we have heard all these excuses and many others. However, the reality is that excuses can’t save a marriage on the rocks, nor can they prevent all the fallout that comes from a divorce. If you are thinking about counselling, don’t make excuses: call our office and schedule a session for our Redlands marriage counselling today.


‘Finding Time’ for Marriage Counselling


On the surface, many of the excuses not to pursue marriage counselling don’t hold much water compared to the potential consequences of not seeking help and guidance for a struggling marriage. It’s true that some couples can find ways to fix their troubles on their own, without involving a third party. However, it’s also true that, by the time a marriage is on the rocks, it is fraught with communication issues, resentment, conflict, or other issues that can make fixing the underlying problems very difficult. Not seeking marriage counselling at this stage, then, can often be tantamount to resigning yourself to divorce.


It’s important to note, though, that when one or both spouses make excuses to ‘get out of’ marriage counselling, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Rather, making excuses to avoid a session of marriage counselling in Capalaba is a lot easier for most people than recognising that their marriage is in trouble. They aren’t necessarily thinking of what will happen down the road if they don’t get help. They are just saying what they can, in the moment, to avoid what they picture being an unpleasant experience.


At Redlands Counselling Service, we make it extremely easy to make time for marriage counselling in Redlands. Our office is flexible: we are open seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm. We understand that not everyone can find time during the week or during business hours for counselling sessions, so we expand beyond those standard hours. This flexible schedule allows us to serve our clients more effectively because we can adjust to suit their schedules.


Our services are also affordable; $80 for a session for individual counselling and $90 for couples’ sessions. Not only are these rates reasonable compared to other Redlands or Capalaba marriage counselling clinics, but they will also cost a lot less in the long run than a divorce.


Schedule a Session for Marriage Counselling at Redlands Counselling Service Today


Marriage is a precious thing, and it is worth saving. You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to start seeing a counsellor, but those kinds of reservations are common. At Redlands Counselling Service, we have found that, in most cases, couples find that they can open up in our sessions and communicate in a way that is the opposite of unpleasant. On the contrary, for many married couples, counselling has been the key to talking openly, putting resentments to rest and starting a new chapter as a loving, committed pair. We hope your sessions with us will yield similar results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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