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Maintain the Health of Your Relationship with Couples Counselling in Capalaba or Redlands

In an ideal world, we would all have perfect relationships. Our marriages would always be loving and supportive, and our romantic bonds would never waver or break. The unfortunate truth is that none of us gets to live in a fairy-tale. Instead, we have real relationships, and real relationships are very rarely perfect. Just because your relationship or marriage isn’t as flawless as a diamond engagement ring, though, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth working for or saving. On the contrary, at Redlands Counselling Service, we believe that there is a path back to happiness and stability for almost every couple.


When to Seek Couples Counselling


Relationships can break down or decline for a long list of different reasons. Poor communication; constant conflict; deep-seated resentment; intimacy issues; internal or external stressors. All these factors can cause a marriage or relationship to tarnish or rust. However, perhaps one of the biggest reasons that marriages or other long term, committed relationships ultimately fail is that the people involved in those relationships don’t ask for help soon enough.


By coming to our prac room for counselling in Redlands, you are effectively asking for help. Now, we acknowledge that this particular step is a challenging one for many couples to make. If you have been with your partner for years—and especially if you are married and have a family together—it can be embarrassing to admit you are having trouble. There is almost an unspoken belief among couples that if they speak of their relationship struggles to anyone else, they are ‘jinxing’ the future of their relationships.


In truth, the sooner you come to us for couples counselling in Capalaba, the better. Too often, couples wait until their relationships or marriages are in real, dire trouble to visit our practice. At this juncture, there is sometimes just too much damage to repair, to the point where divorce or breakup is almost inevitable. Couples who are willing to reckon with the things that don’t work in their relationships and seek counselling in the earlier stages of strife are more likely to find ways to work through their difficulties and preserve their love for one another.


Our Couples Counselling in Capalaba: What to Expect


At Redlands Counselling Service, our couples counselling services are always tailored to suit the individual couple. Just as every person is different, every couple is different, too. We work hard to understand the dynamics of the relationships we are trying to improve or save. This focus on listening and understanding helps us understand the issues that are plaguing the relationship—including underlying things that even the spouses or partners don’t realise are happening. From there, we can develop a strategy to help you and your partner communicate openly, identify relationship strengths and move back towards a loving, intimate and all around rewarding personal connection.

No relationship is perfect, but the strongest ones tend to extend from communication, mutual understanding, commitment and hard work. These values are all things that we strive to establish with our couples’ therapy in Redlands. To bring these values back to your marriage or relationship, contact us and schedule a Capalaba couples counselling session today.

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