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Couple or Relationship Counselling

Relationship  - Couples -  Marriage Counselling

Don't wait until your relationship is in trouble to see me, the average for couples counselling is 6 months, which is cheaper than a divorce !

Relationship Counselling Redlands, Marriage Counselling

Highly experienced and qualified relationship/couples counsellor


Post Grad in Psychology

Bachelor of Counselling

Diploma of Counselling


Certificate 1 - Gottman relationship training

Certificate 2 - Gottman relationship training

Certificate 3 - Gottman relationship training

How can relationship counselling can help you?

Relationships are as individual as the people in them. Each relationship presents unique circumstances and challenges, particularly when there are different backgrounds, personalities and value systems involved. Your Counsellor will form a collaborative working alliance with you in order to identify the key areas for change. Once we have identified your concerns, its time to work on goals setting in practical ways that work for you both. The skills that you will learn will help you and your partner create a mutually beneficial, rewarding relationship.

What we can do to help you and your partner:

  • Improve communication

  • Manage conflict so its a win-win situation

  • Cope with stressors 

  • Increase emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Minimise criticism and blaming behaviours

  • Identify and nurture relationship strengths

Matt at Redlands Counselling Service is an expert at relationship counselling using proven, evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as Gottman Therapy, Post Milan Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help your create successful and happy relationships. 

What can I expect in a relationship counselling session?

Often couples that are new to the counselling experience are worried that relationship therapy may be biased towards one partner, emotionally confrontational, or that it simply won’t work. These are common concerns, but at Redlands Counselling Service, Matt has been working with couples for over 10 years and  has strategies to ensure that each session is:

  • tailored to be inclusive of both partners

  • In session making sure no more harm is coming to your relationship from negative communication

  • a discreet, nonjudgmental space to unpack your relationship concerns

  • focused upon giving you an insightful understanding of your individual situation

  • designed to give you practical tools to address problems and create long-lasting, positive changes

Marriage and relationship counselling often involves a blend of joint and solo counselling sessions, depending on your personal therapeutic needs. This flexibility allows your counsellor, Matt to accurately assess your communication styles, patterns of behaviour and relationship needs as individuals, and as a couple. Matt is a relationship specialists who is calm, compassionate, competent and capable of helping you to achieve your relationship goals.

Redlands Counselling main Relationship specialisation

One of the models at Redlands Counselling Service I am trained in is Gottman Therapy. This is one approach I can use for your relationship issues. 

Below is taken from Gottman website

The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couple relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory(see below). There is a 337 questionnaire that thoroughly explores your relationship and how you are coping. These are all psychological standardised assessments .This questionnaire costs  $39, Redlands Counselling Service does not own the rights to the assessment, so it does cost you. 


​​Gottman Therapy begins with an assessment process to identify what interventions and frameworks that suite the needs of your relationship.

Redlands counelling, Brisbane counselling
Marriage Counselling Redlands, Marriage Counselling Brisbane

Redlands Counselling Service provides Counselling to Birkdale, Wellington Point, Capalaba, Manly, Ormiston, Wynnum, Cleveland, Thorneside, Thornlands, Wakerley, Redland Bay, Mount Cotton, Chandler, Sheldon, Victoria Point, and other suburbs across Brisbane.

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