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Men's Counselling

Men's Counselling Service Brisbane

Its two blokes having a chat.

There are some areas blokes come talk about: depression or low mood they can't shift; anxiety; conflict at home which seems stuck and immovable; anger management; burnout or frustration at work or strain from juggling work and home life; reliance on alcohol/drugs/gambling/pornography/flirting to block out difficult emotions; difficult sexual experiences; bereavement.


Some men come for counselling of their own accord and others under duress - if you're thinking about breaking your silence, need some extra support or are being cajoled/shoved by someone who loves you - do it now. I don't think you'll regret it and I'd place a long odds bet that you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

Saving Your Marriage

Redland's Counselling Service provides support to support your marriage / relationship even if your spouse doesn't want to attend. You have 100% control over your half of the relationship and by learning how to become more effective in your behaviour and choices you can create a change in your relationship. We can also help you understand what your wife or partner is saying to you even if they don't attend.  Don't make counselling another power struggle between you and your spouse in which you try and force someone to come when they don't want to. If you really want to make your relationship better, don't wait for your spouse to come around-  we can help you.

Mens counselling brisbane

Redlands Counselling Service provides Counselling to Birkdale, Wellington Point, Capalaba, Manly, Ormiston, Wynnum, Cleveland, Thorneside, Thornlands, Wakerley, Redland Bay, Mount Cotton, Chandler, Sheldon, Victoria Point, and other suburbs across Brisbane.

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