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Find a Way to Move on After Tragedy: Work with Redlands Counselling Service for Grief and Loss Counselling in Capalaba

Grief is natural. Losing someone or something that had a huge, influential presence in your life is one of the most traumatic human experiences that anyone can go through. Sometimes, grief can be cathartic: grieving for a lost loved one is an essential way of coming to terms with the fact that a person who mattered to you is gone. Grief can even be seen as a way of honouring a person’s memory. However, at a certain point, grief can also become incredibly damaging, affecting your job, your relationships, your mental health and your quality of life. If and when you need someone to talk to about grief and loss, you can turn to Redlands Counselling Service for grief counselling in Redlands or Capalaba.


When to Seek Help with the Grief Process


At Redlands Counselling Service, one of the questions we often receive from our clients—or from concerned loved ones—is about when a person should pursue our Capalaba grief counselling services. At what point in the grieving process is grief counselling appropriate or necessary?


These questions are tough to answer, because every person deals with grief in different ways. For some people, it might take a few weeks of grieving to achieve closure and acceptance. For others, the grief cycle can last for months or years. One person might seek solace from their grief by leaning on friends or family members, while others might withdraw and prefer to grapple with their emotions in private. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to deal with grief, a fact that makes it very difficult to know if or when a person needs help with the grieving process.


With all these things said, here are a few issues or situations in which we would encourage a person to pursue our grief counselling in Capalaba or Redlands:


  • You’re avoiding time with friends or family. It is okay to process grief on your own time and your own terms, but if you’re withdrawing from relationships or shirking human interactions weeks or months after a loss, counselling may well help you process what you are experiencing.

  • You no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy. While it may seem blasphemous to say, the truth is that the world doesn’t stop turning when you lose someone you love. If you find that your grief has caused you to lose enjoyment in the hobbies or goals you used to have, counselling might help you reach the ‘acceptance’ stage.

  • You suddenly have an intense fear of loss. Some people push loved ones away after a loss—or actively try not to form new relationships—because they are terrified of experiencing grief again. Ironically, these choices really only serve to extend grief.

  • You have changed your behaviour or are having thoughts of self-harm. Some people become angry in the wake of a loss. Others turn to alcohol or drugs. Many consider harming themselves, or even contend with suicidal thoughts. If any of these scenarios is true of you or a loved one, seeking counselling right away is vital.


Call for More Information about Our Redlands or Capalaba Grief Counselling Today


Perhaps you feel like it’s time to open up and talk to someone about your grief. Alternatively, maybe someone you know is struggling with a recent loss, and you think they would benefit from counselling. Either way, Redlands Counselling Service is here to help. To learn more about our Capalaba and Redlands grief counselling services, contact us today.

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