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14 Connection Questions for When You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

The exciting days of dating may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose your loving connection. Showing a genuine interest in getting to know one another is one of the best ways to reignite that loving feeling.

However well you feel you know your partner there is always something new to be discovered. Take the time to get to know one another over and over again. Building a strong emotional foundation is vital in order to feel connected. Doing this will add a sense of mystery and freshness to your relationship.

Spark a fun or meaningful conversation using one of these connection questions. These questions will allow you to form a deeper understanding of one another. Some questions are playful and imaginative while some are deeper, leading to genuine heart-to-heart conversations.

14 Questions to Connect with Your Lover

Schedule time to sit together with your favourite snack or drink and write down your answers to these questions together. We recommend answering one question a day over two weeks.

1. What excites you right now? This could be something on your career path or exploring one of your passions.

2. If we produced a short film together, what kind of a film can you imagine us making, and what roles would we have in the film production?

3. In your view, who in my life could I open my heart to forgive, and how might that be good for me?

4. What do you desire most for me, for yourself, and for our relationship in the year to come?

5. When you imagine yourself in 10 years, how have you changed as a person? How have you not changed?

6. If you could discover and name a new constellation after me, describe how the stars would be configured and what you would call the constellation.

7. Is there something about you that I take for granted, and if so, how might I show you I appreciate this more than I do now?

8. What is your idea of a special weekend together? And what makes it special?

9. What simple activity could you and I do when we’re feeling bored, low, or anxious that might help us feel more energised?

10. What is one quirk about me that you were unsure about at first but have come to love?

11. Can you remember an unexpectedly funny moment you witnessed or experienced that makes you smile or laugh now?

12. Can you describe one thing I did this week that you felt genuinely grateful for?

13. What was one of our hottest moments together when we first met?

14. What would you most enjoy hearing me say to others as I brag about you?

We hope you enjoy discovering more about one another through these questions.

There will always be phases in a relationship where life gets in the way and you forget to love and appreciate one another. However, as long as willingness remains, love is never lost. By taking an active role in loving one another, the sparks of that loving feeling will be reignited within you.

These questions were taken from A Year of Us, by Alicia Munoz. If you would like to explore more of these questions take a look at this book.

If you would like additional support to create a loving and happy relationship reach out to Redlands Counselling Service. We’d love to support you, book an appointment online today.

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