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How To Avoid Relationship Disaster and Change To Relationship Hero.

We all know communication in our relationships can be difficult. Trying to get a need heard, wanting some change or just wanting to vent. All relationships, even the most successful ones, have difficulties and have conflict. This is is unavoidable. However, research shows that it’s not the appearance of conflict, but rather how it’s managed that predicts the success or failure of a relationship.

Redlands Counselling Service identities the the five areas of conflict to avoid in your marriage and highlight what to do instead. In the past decade I have been a relationship counsellor, when times get tough I see the 4 Horsemen ride on through. The 4 Hosemen were researched from John and Julie Gottman and can predict, if all 4 are present a 83% change of divorce or separation. Lets save your marriage with counselling at Redlands Counselling Service, book online at

What is avoid in relationships
Redlands Counselling Service

To change how you communicate in your relationship, give Redlands Counselling Service a call on 1300 241 667 or email

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