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Relationship Counselling or Marriage Counselling, what happens?

Our First session together

When I meet you for the first time, I introduce myself and explain that today's session is about getting to know each other. Redlands Counselling Service is about creating a trusting and safe environment to work together. I (Matt) will ask you what has brought you here and your expectations and goals for Counselling. What is important is creating a space to work through issues in your relationships.

"But we want to get started now"

It's often the case that by the time you get here, things might be very intense in your relationship. You have finally made the decision to come to counselling and are anxious to get started, so the consultation may feel frustrating. However, from experience we really need to follow this process in order to help you figure out the best plan of action.

Confidentiality and safety

I speak about what confidentiality and safety means for you both in conjuction with my registration, insurance and duty of care. If any issues come up at harm to self or others arises we will work together to ensure of safety and trust.

What has made you book this appointment?

Next I will ask you to tell me a bit more about what has been going on with you and your relationship, what changes you hope for in coming to counselling and your expectations/goals for counselling. This usually takes up most of the session as I get to understand more about your situation. I do jot down notes as we talk, these notes are your words and language, not my opinions or judgements. The notes are then securely uploaded to a cloud and shredded. Redlands Counselling Service values your privacy and is committed to keeping it that.

Is Redlands Counselling Service right for you?

By now we should be closer to agreeing if Redlands Counselling Service is right for you, if now is the best time for you to engage in relationship counselling, or what other options you have. I will explain to you how counselling works and the process for marriage counselling. I will also ask if you have anything else you think is important for us to know and if you have any questions. 

Booking your next appointment

At the end of the session I will ask you which are the best times for your next counselling appointment. My practice is very flexible, Redlands Counselling Service is open 7 days a week 8am to 8pm.  

The fees are $90 for Marriage Counselling Couples Counselling and $80 for individual counselling.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Matt from Redlands Counselling


phone: 1300 241 667

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