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Calming Technique to help with Anger and Stress with Redlands Counselling Service

Square Breathing Technique.

Let's look at a strategy you can try that only takes a few minutes to significantly reduce your stress, anxiety or anger.

This is a simple and highly effective technique that you can practice for a few minutes anytime you need to boost your creativity or concentration, break free from scattered thinking, or interrupt an intense “fight or flight” response and return to a state of healing and peace. It is also an effective breath to use at the beginning of your mindfulness practice. This centuries old breathing technique for meditation has re-surfaced in the past few years and is being used by athletes, performers, doctors, and even navy seals, as their most effective strategy for quickly entering a calm, centred state of mind and body; especially when they are in an intense situation where they need to be fully present and directly connected to their best self/highest self. Many people I have used this at Redlands Counselling Service have reported that when breathing is used as part of their meditation it has a dramatic, positive impact on their inner and outer well-being.

The Technique: The very basic implementation of this technique is to inhale and exhale in equal proportions.

Step 1 : Inhale and take a deep breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4 while inhaling)

Step 2 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4 while holding)

Step 3 : Exhale completely for 4 secs (count up to 4)

Step 4 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4)

Repeat the process 5 – 6 times.

The Application: This can be done anytime, several times a day. The best part is that you can practice this anytime of a day, wherever you are, at home, office, while travelling, watching TV etc. Once you are accustomed with the 4 square breathing, you can take it to higher level of 5 square, 6 square, up to 10 square.

What are The Advantages?

Release Anxiety and Stress : As this technique involves mind and body at the same time, it is a great stress reducer. You can feel the calmness just after doing this exercise.

Controls breathing pattern : This greatly controls and organises our pattern of breathing and in-turn controls our emotions and make us more responsive rather than reactive.

Improves Focus and Concentration : Do this exercise during small breaks when you are doing something important. This will greatly increase your concentration. Try it now and feel the difference right away.

Boosts brain energy : Great exercise for brain and nervous system. Calms and rejuvenates you within seconds.

If stress, anxiety or anger is stopping you living the life you want, contact Matt at Redland's Counselling Service for a 1hr counselling session. To book a session click here.

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